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Baby’s Breath

A mother-daughter relationship is severely tested in this chilling novel about infanticide …” Publisher’s Weekly

What does unconditional love mean? Baby’s Breath is a groundbreaking novel about a mother-daughter relationship shattered by a crime so horrific that even in our jaded culture few speak of it without an involuntary shudder. None of us thinks it could happen in our family. Leah Pacey, however, is not allowed the luxury of such denial. For her, the only notion more unthinkable than Alyssa’s act is that of abandoning her daughter. Leah’s search for understanding is as halting as our own. She persists only because she must …. as we all must.

Praise for Baby’s Breath

“Baby’s Breath provides insight into how this heartbreaking tragedy might occur. Readers will gain a new perspective of the effect newborn abandonment has on the people directly involved, as well as on society as a whole.” Lilly Riordan, president, Safe Place for Newborns, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Baby’s Breath is more like a breath of reality. Alyssa’s story of denial is all too familiar a scenario for young mothers desperate to hide an unwanted newborn.” Jodi Brooks. Founder, A Secret Safe Place for Newborns, Mobile, Alabama

Who will ever understand why a baby dies, simply for being born? We must open our hearts first and then our minds will follow. This book gives us the key to unlocking the heart of anyone who has been a child or a parent.” Gigi Kelly, founder, Baskets for Babies, Inc., Southwestern Pennsylvania

“I found that once I started reading it was hard to stop. It was as though I was viewing our babies’ stories as they unfolded. It is painful but full of truths that need to be shared.”  Debi Faris, founder, Garden of Angels, Southern California


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