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A Note from Photographer Elizabeth G. Brooke

The images displayed here are from a photography safari I made to Uganda in September and October 2022. I have a deep love for wildlife, and on this trip, I aimed to capture the connection between the country, its inhabitants, and its amazing animals and birds. I am committed to environmental protection for the splendid creatures of the Ugandan plateaus, mountains, and rainforest (the native habitat of the chimp in The Language of Kin)—as well as for her humans. 

My love and care for Uganda's people, particularly her children, took on a sense of urgency when I spent time at the rural Ruhija Little Angels Orphanage and witnessed the extreme needs of her orphans. It was an upsetting, moving, and galvanizing experience. Now my goal has become to help meet the basic needs of these needy and impoverished children, such as food, better shelter, and clothing, and, beyond this, to provide them with the ability to access educational resources, including information about conservation. I’d be most grateful for you to become involved, too. Click on this link to learn how:

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