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About The Photographer


Photographer Elizabeth G. Brooke has made her home in Provincetown, MA, since 1974; her lifelong love of the sea and her seaside community is frequently evident in her images. However, she also travels throughout the world, always broadening her subject matter while using her technical skill and aesthetic vision. Elizabeth’s photography has been published in the Massachusetts Audubon Society newsletter, Cape Cod Times, Boston Globe, Provincetown Magazine, and The New York Times, among many others, as well as exhibited widely in Cape Cod galleries. Her 2021 book of Provincetown-based images, The Lobstermen can be purchased online at


Elizabeth describes looking through her lens and uniting with her subject without thinking, “change my f-stop, move right, left, up, down,” but rather sensing what will capture the raw quality and feel of the moment through creative intuition and sharing that through her images.

Elizabeth holds a Master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst. She is married with one adult son. You are invited to visit her website, here:

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