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Jessica’s Two Families

Jessica’s Two Families aims to help children of divorced parents cope with their parents’ remarriage and blended families. Beautifully illustrated by Adam Gordon, Jessica’s Two Families is about a six-year-old girl upset by her parents’ divorce. She lives with her mother and sees her Dad on weekends. Still angry about the divorce, she’s further upset when her mother remarries and her stepfather sets new rules. Then Jessica’s dad marries a woman who has children of her own, and more new rules.

With two more children in his life, Jessica’s Dad can’t spend as much time alone with her anymore. Her mother is preoccupied with her new husband. Jessica feels alone. With the help of her teacher and a family counselor, Brooke, Jessica learns how to talk about her feelings and what to do about them. Both families are able to make adjustments so everyone can be happier.

Jessica’s Two Families aims to be an honest and compassionate story about children’s feelings, parents’ remarriages, and new family situations and dynamics. It gives practical suggestions with “Tips for Parents and Kids” following the story.

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