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A Progress of Miracles

“I have rarely read anything that so sensitively represents the uncertainty, impersonality, unaccountability and miraculousness of death. Because of the poet’s lyrical acuity, her undeceived, yet enormously empathic eye, and language steeped with the essentials of daily life, this sequence presents a plausible and complex rendering of one couple’s journey, and brings those apparently incompatible emotions—apathy and faith, anger and forgiveness, despair and hope—into perfect harmony. A Progress of Miracles is a quietly astonishing collection.” 
Susan Osborn, author of Surviving The Wreck


Narratives and lyrics came together in A Progress of Miracles, a novella in forty-nine closely sequenced poems. Anna and Paul are a young couple with two children who are suddenly confronted with a devastating diagnosis. Husband and wife confront death separately and together as lyrics, in the voice of one or the other main characters are interwoven with third person narrative poems.

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