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“Suspended between heartbreak and hilarity, readers are sure to find emotional common ground in this story of an engaging elderly widow who sets her sights on revenge after the devastating loss of her husband and grandson, but unexpectedly finds hope, healing, and the possibility of a happy future… Lynne Hugo’s character building is superb… The plot is propelled forward at a good pace, and readers will be compelled to turn the pages as Louisa speaks with candor, wisdom and keen insight about her thoughts on life, The Plan, and her relationships with those around her… A winning and wonderful novel, with a unique and distinctive storyline, there is a little bit of magic for everyone within the pages of this book.” – The New York Journal of Books 

Hugo's latest (after Remember My Beauties, 2016) is a sweet, sad, funny meditation on the nature of aging and grief. Louisa has lived with only her chickens and a former barn cat ever since she lost her grandson and her husband in a six-month span. Seventeen-year-old Cody was killed by a drunk driver, and Harold's mission became bringing Cody's killer to justice; when the man earned just a slap on the wrist, Harold felt he failed. Cody's father, Louisa's son, dealt with his pain by turning to Jesus and trying to get his mother on board with his new church, but Louisa has decided the mission of her life is to complete the Plan and succeed where Harold could not: she's going to bring the killer down herself ..... Throughout her pain and rage, Louisa never loses her humor or appreciation for the absurdities of her situation. This is a novel that would fit right in on the shelf next to novels like A Man Called Ove (2014) and similar books that balance humor and heartbreak. - Booklist

“The Testament of Harold’s Wife comes with a bounciness and light touch that surprises and delights…[as it] takes on the theme of survival, of hanging on…The results are poignant, but Hugo delivers a fresh blend of pathos and humor. The text is leavened by Harold’s wife, Louisa’s, tart observations on life and the failings of those around her, bless their hearts.” North Carolina StarNews  

 "At the center of this moving, transcendent novel is the unforgettable Louisa. Perceptive, wry, full of righteous fury and enlarged by deep compassion...I promise you will miss her when you turn the last page. The story itself--flawlessly written and genuine to the core--takes an unflinching look at how we survive shattering tragedy and pointless cruelty and continue to love the world. Its startling, life-affirming conclusion will haunt me for a long time.” – Patry Francis, author of The Orphans of Race Point 


 “The Testament Of Harold’s Wife is a glorious—and unique—tale of tragedy, resilience, and one kick-ass grieving widow and grandmother. I laughed, cried, and cheered as Louisa talked to her pet chickens, splashed bourbon in her tea, hid ‘Glitter Jesus’ around the house, and wrestled with revenge. Louisa captured my heart, and I will never forget her.” – Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Perfect Son and The Promise Between Us


“Grief can make a woman a little crazy, but it can also make her very entertaining! The Testament of Harold’s Wife is part romp, part suspense, but above all, a love story. I adored this fun yet poignant book.” – Diane Chamberlain, New York Times bestselling author of The Stolen Marriage

“Perhaps the toughest and bravest way to survive tragedy is by bearing up. In The Testament of Harold’s Wife, after losing her husband and grandson, Louisa weathers catastrophe through hard-fought wisdom, humor, and revenge served cold—fueled by a side of hot bourbon. I never left her side as she proved reinvention is possible at any age.” – Randy Susan Meyers, bestselling author of The Widow of Wall Street


“Lynne Hugo’s delightful page turner, The Testament of Harold’s Wife, is fast-paced, unexpectedly poignant, and fun. Louisa’s utterly winning voice propels us at breakneck speed. As a woman who has seen it all and lost it all, Louisa will take her place in the pantheon of unforgettable characters. You may never see an older woman in quite the same way again. This gorgeous new book, with its swiftly moving plot and subversive humor will stay with you long after you have finished the final page.” – Laura Harrington, bestselling author of Alice Bliss and A Catalog of Birds

The Testament of Harold’s Wife is a richly told tale that explores the human animal connection and the journey to get past tragedy. Louisa, the spunky, elderly narrator delivers a tender hymn of hope and rebirth that stays with you long after the last page.” – Kim Michele Richardson, author of The Sisters of Glass Ferry