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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons was serialized in Good Housekeeping, translated into eight languages, and made into a Lifetime Original Movie of the Month titled “Another Woman’s Husband.”

When Marna, an Olympic hopeful who abandoned her swimming career for love, first sees savvy, professional Laurel, friendship is the furthest thing from her mind. But then Laurel reveals that she’s not quite as perfect as her intimidating appearance indicates–she’s absolutely terrified of the water. She asks Marna for swimming lessons, and slowly the two become friends.


Both are in their thirties and struggling with uncertainties about their relationships with men. Soon each woman grows to recognize her own hopes and fears in the other. As they learn to trust their friendship, the secrets of their lives spill out: Laurel cannot bring herself to tell her boyfriend, Jake, about her phobia or about the event that triggered it. For years Marna has kept her reservations about having children from her husband, J. W., continuing to take birth control pills behind his back even as her thirteen-year marriage dissolves. Just as Laurel and Marna edge into best-friend intimacy, however, a shocking discovery threatens to undo their lives.

The story is about the friendship between women, its warmth, strength, and importance.

Praise for Swimming Lessons

“At a glance this novel is merely separate, stories about two unacquainted and seemingly dissimilar women, told in alternating chapters. and initially, it is. But then. slowly and effortlessly (and even a bit unexpectedly), the paths of the characters begin to cross. The novel takes on a whole now dimension to become a superb tale about the empowerment these women find through their burgeoning friendship. Trying to trace the choreography of their written to tango proves, to be a delicate matter. particularly after discovering that the authors have never met and live thousands of miles from each Other. Although one can perceive how each character be so well developed -and yet distinct one has to be owed by the liter- gymnastics required to weave the pans so gracefully. Engrossing and thoroughly enjoyable, Swimming Lessons will leave women either wishing they were blessed with such a beautiful friendship or thanking their lucky stars they are.”  Booklist

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