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Book Clubs


One of the great pleasures of being an author is talking with readers. I’d love to join your group either in person if you’re in the Cincinnati, Hamilton or Dayton area or by Skype or FaceTime. Just email me a couple of months in advance (with “Book Clubs” in the subject line)  and please be sure to include the location, date, and time.

A few of the book clubs I've visited

The Lit Chicks.jpg

The Lit Chicks, from Kennesaw, Georgia

Book Club Bitches.jpg

"The Book Bitches,” a club from a Dayton, Ohio suburb, having a driveway meeting in early Covid summer 2020 to discuss The Testament of Harold’s Wife. Many thanks to Kim P. who sent the picture.


"Everyone had a fabulous time and stayed until almost midnight because we were all so pumped! We dove into chocolate about 11:00 to keep us going .... We are all anxiously awaiting your next book with the continuing saga of Louisa and her entourage. Thanks, again, for being so inspiring and approachable."

Sandy Tippery, Women Who Read Interesting Books Book Club of Boise, Idaho.

Bonnie’s Book Club. Smart articulate women discussing A Matter Of Mercy on a gorgeous evening by Lisa Newman’s pool while sharing wine and some life stories: what could be better?
Photos courtesy of Lisa Dankovich and Rhonda Rupel.

Susan King’s Book Club

Words and Wine Book Club in Texas.

Thank you for these photos sent by Misty Jodoin

A lovely evening by the fire at Mary Fuller’s, whose bookclub chose A Matter of Mercy.

The Bookclub of Madisonville, KY

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