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"Brilliant, fascinating and deeply moving ... gracefully written, this is a book that astonishes, even as it shows the way to breech divides ... Full of science, love and drama, I couldn't love this book more if I tried." - Caroline Leavitt, The New York Times bestselling author of With or Without You

From the award-winning author of The Testament of Harold’s Wife, Where The Trail Grows Faint, A Matter of Mercy, Remember My Beauties and seven others, comes

a beautifully written exploration of how the language of healing can transcend seemingly insurmountable obstacles.


Eve, a chimpanzee orphaned by poachers and used for experiments in a medical lab, can finally lead a new life

at the Dayton Zoo, but co-workers Kate and Marc must overcome serious professional differences to build a relationship with her. Forced to work together, Kate and Marc find common ground when they discover they both are the sole caregivers for their mothers, one who has been deaf her entire life and the other who recently lost her ability to process words. After a life-threatening crisis occurs, can they find the courage—and the shared language—to reach across these silent divides to heal

the ones they love?

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